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Taking part in the great agricultural revolution

The mission of Visron Private Limited is to revolutionise agricultural output through the use of drones, robotics, autopilot, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. This ushers in the era of "Agriculture 4.0," which is characterised by automation, accuracy, and efficiency. It also creates a smart agriculture ecosystem.


Our story

Visron Private Limited is a human-centric brand dedicated to developing low-cost drone solutions that optimize industries through accurate data. We pride ourselves on the impact intelligence our drone solutions provide. We've only been in business since 2019, but we've already made a significant impact on the drone industry.

We have started our journey in 2019, where we developed our initial prototype which was capable of 1kg payload instead of having only 0.8kg and till now we have bootstrapped with 5 lacs working capital.

Since then, we have done a thorough research on the technicalities for increasing efficiency, including flight time and payload capacity. After thorough R&D, we have come across an additive manufacturing technique which is not used by anyone in this current market segment, which increases structural stability & durability.

VISRON LOGO copy 1.png

Our vision

Our vision is to provide low cost, precise and effective agriculture solutions.
Solutions - From crop disease control to high end data processing and mapping solutions.

Our mission

Company's mission is to build up a new culture in Agri-Tech field, where cach farmer, person associate to agriculture get benefited by the new High-Tech Innovation in agriculture filed.
Also to set up a new opportunities for Rural's to take part in this great revolution in Agriculture field. Providing multiple job opportunities to multiple service providers opportunities

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Our team

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